Washington University Students for International Collaboration on the Environment



The Site:

Welcome to our website! Our home page serves as our blog – where we post not only what WUSICE is up to and updates on the group’s activities and events, but also worldly [environmental] news, pictures, videos, etc.! We want to keep this site vivid, fresh, and inspiring to our visitors! Please visit our other pages to learn more about our group and our Conference. Our goal is an international student collaboration on making our earth a greener earth – so please, any recommending of our site and our group to other institutions and associations will be enormously helpful and appreciated! Leave comments, send us e-mails – any form of communication is welcome!

We started out in Washington University in St. Louis, but we’re taking this global.. with your help!

Who are we?

We are WUSICE, a student-run organization at Washington University in St. Louis. Our group was created for the purpose of establishing, strengthening, and maintaining international student collaboration on environmental issues.

Our Mission:

We want to bring the reality of current environmental issues to our own campus, other academic institutions, and the rest of the world. No matter where you live, we, as mankind, are confronted by environmental injustice and problems on an everyday basis. Such concerns are often entangled with other factors, including cultural, political, and economical differences. By empowering and connecting students globally, we hope to address all these matters as we collaborate together to improve environmental conditions to benefit all individuals, spread environmental awareness, and, in the long run, pave the way for a healthy, sustainable future world to live in for all.

Our Goals:

  • to empower students to be the roots of Chinese and American collaboration on environmental issues
  • to create international student collaboration, especially between China and America
  • to develop a long-lasting relationship between Fudan and Washington University students
  • to bring multiple perspectives into our conference by acknowledging our cultural, economic, and political differences, as well as our similarities, and thus come together with the goal of dealing with environmental issues
  • to send out the political message to the international community that these connections and international collaborations are possible
  • provide students with the skills, networks, and abilities to become international leaders

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