Washington University Students for International Collaboration on the Environment

Conference Schedule

Each of the 22 delegates will randomly select an American or Chinese “passport.” This “passport “designates the country he or she will research and represent for the duration of the conference. Each delegate will then randomly select one of the eleven designated themes of the conference: Coal, Renewable Energy, Individual Responsibility, Corporate Responsibility, Government Responsibility, Environmental NGOs and Activism, Climate Change Legislation, International Agreements and Protocols, Environmental Justice, Economics of Sustainability, and the Technological Future of Sustainability. Pairs will then be formed between the Chinese and the American students who select identical themes. Each pair will complete a Joint-Student Collaborative Project on the chosen theme. Based on his or her “passport,” one student will represent the Chinese perspective and the other the American perspective. The goal of the Joint-Student Collaborative Project is to foster lasting relationships between American and Chinese students and to provide diverse perspectives and detailed information on the most significant climate change issues. Each pair will present their project to the Washington University faculty and student body.

The culmination of the WUSICE U.S.-China Undergraduate Conference on Climate Change and Sustainability will be Mock COP16. Each topic that will be discussed at the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 16) will be debated by two teams, one representing China and the other the United States. The objective is to accurately represent both the Chinese and American perspectives on climate change issues, and, more importantly, to reach a cross-cultural, unified decision on how the United States and China should approach each topic at the actual COP 16 to be held this November and early December.

The Conference will also feature key note lectures, discussion panels, interactive workshops, visits to local power plants, and social engagement events to supplement the Joint-Student Collaborative Project and Mock COP16.

The final product will be the Washington-Fudan White Paper. It will summarize the discussions, debates, lectures, and final resolutions of the Conference. This White Paper will be signed by each delegate and then delivered to the Chinese and American UN delegates attending COP 16. This crucial document will represent the successful collaboration between the undergraduate students of Washington University and Fudan University, ultimately demonstrating to the international community all that can be accomplished when we no longer let differences hinder cooperation. The mission of WUSICE is to foster understanding of these differences in order to achieve mutual respect and collaboration between the United States and China at the undergraduate level and beyond.

Click to see our Conference Schedule.


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