Washington University Students for International Collaboration on the Environment

International Delegates

Hello International Students!

Welcome to WUSICE! Please visit our About section to learn more about our group as a whole. Here, we wish to focus on you: the international sector of WUSICE.

WUSICE will give international students numerous opportunities to fine-tune their networking and academic skills and develop the personalities of future international leaders. Whether your interests lie within business, finance, environment, or cultural studies, by connecting with our organization, you will begin building the fundamental abilities of surviving in a rapidly globalizing world. Benefits of joining include:

– close communication with Americans, thus enriching your own college experience

– mutual understanding between Eastern and Western cultures

– develop a close, long-term relationship between both schools

– the opportunity of coming to the U.S. in your future, to enhance and further your

academic studies and networking skills

– gain more knowledge and insight about environmental issues

Furthermore, international students who choose to visit WashU will be able to bring back to their country stories of their experiences at an American campus, furthering the spread of awareness and knowledge. Our conference will actually be the first U.S.-China undergraduate interaction—thus, a great opportunity for you to develop networks and expose yourself to other cultures. With WUSICE, your academic experiences and background will look highly impressive.

Despite our cultural, political, and economic differences, we are all of the same earth—we all breathe the same air, reap in the same natural resources. Thus, it is time to give back to the environment which has given us all so much—it is time to collaborate together, appreciate but put our differences on the side, and unite under one common goal.


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