Washington University Students for International Collaboration on the Environment


This is the NGO party at Cancun. It is usually held on the last night of the first conference week; different NGO members and parties usually come to this party because they know this is gonna be awesome. And IT WAS. It has been the best party I have ever experienced. The DJ was great and NO people were sober. The best part was when the DJs gave every one a candle and we helped one another to light it up. Then the song “n Bohemian Rhapsody” was played. Every one knew it and every one was singing. “Mama, life has just begun, but now I have to throw it all away…Mama, didn’t mean to make you cry, if I do not come back this time tomorrow, carry on, carry on, as if nothing really matters…” It was so beautiful. It was so powerful. Every one was so motivated to sing, flying our candles and swaying with the music, together with the huge crowd. I was nearly made to cry.
I was hoping so much you were there guys; how I want to share this emotion with you that we all belong to mother earth and how much we are related together. I feel lonely establishing all the connections and finding ways to get our voice out at COP16 many times, and it was really stressful when I didn’t know if I would really successfully deliver the MOU. WUSICE has been part of my life and the MOU held so much gravity on my hands. Guys I really want to experience all of these with you together. Luckily Sierra Student Club selected me as the student delegate for this year; but I will work hard with Jeremy to get WUSICE accredited for UNFCCC so that you will get the chances to go next year too.

This NGO part connected everybody all together. It strikes me again that music is such a powerful medium it can touch people’s soul and make their hearts vibrate in the same frequency. I echo so much with Jeremy’s idea of having a concert and Karen’s words that ART is something that connect people. I can’t agree more with it. For environment, we should express we are not just tree huggers. We protect the environment for ourselves. Environment is something that is so broad that it can be the theme that relates people from different part of the world, because we were all born from it, we are fed on it and we grow up from it. People feel the impact of love, truth, and nobility while they learn to appreciate the nature. Look at the skies, the trees and the blowing of the wind! Did they touch your heart today? Music connects us with nature, and it connects us; it is important to let people feel the beauty of nature and feel the love with the connectedness among them with the help of music. It is a way to unify people. Wooh..nature is my religion.

This experience echoes when I was talking to the only NGO that relates environment and arts together.
They are with the organization called Artists’ Project Earth, founded in UK. They invite singers to concerts and record songs, and then they produce albums which can be sold for money. They donate all the money to different environmental projects that could help cleaning up pollution, promoting recycling or even photojournalism that records the environmental changes. It inspired me a lot, since it was the only place at COP16 where I found the connection between arts and environment.
While we were chatting, we talked about some possible changes that are needed to reform the UNFCCC. Is it possible or necessary to make the process more humane? The WUSICE conference we had was a success, not only due to the structure and planning it had, but also because the delegates had the chances to bond and get to learn about each other. The personal connections contribute to further communications and mutual understanding, which played an important role later in helping the delegates to produce a joint agreement.
Therefore, is there anyway to foster this kind of mutual dialogs and understanding between the U.N. delegates at the conference? Should some of the processes be more interactive and personal? Can music be part of the conference? These are just some of my innovative thoughts, although they sound ridiculous at this moment.
But I do think that we students can try different solutions and see how to make things work better. We are younger, we are more inventive, and we are passionate. We are not afraid of failures. We can provide solutions to the delegations, so can we provide suggestions to UN and UNFCCC. Why not?


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