Washington University Students for International Collaboration on the Environment


Hey everyone again,

Check out the 2010 Cohort page – all the bios for both Fudan delegates and U.S. delegates have been posted. Delegates, you’ve had your icebreakers, but read the submitted bios to get to know  your peers a little more!

Special thanks to Wenqi for bringing bagels and setting up breakfast for the Conference. Special thanks to Summer and Karen for preparing materials, name tags, and programs.

Yesterday was the Professor Biswas presentation and the Carolina Fojo presentation – thank you to all attendees, both went very well.

Jennifer Smith, Professor Axelbaum, and Professor Blankenship spoke this morning. Stephanie Oshita spoke this afternoon. Join us at 4:30 this afternoon to hear from the Chancellor, and then 4:45 from Professor Wertsch.

Keep up the good work, WUSICE members and all of our delegates! Tonight is Multicultural Night – see you all there.


Anne, PR


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