Washington University Students for International Collaboration on the Environment

Hi everyone!

Alix Simnock Introduction


My name is Alix Simnock and I am one of the US delegates. I just wanted to quickly introduce myself! I am a sophomore at WashU studying environmental studies in particular the social science/political science side of environmental issues and probably public health and Hebrew. I have always had a interest in environmental issues stemming from a fifth grade geography class on the deforestation occurring in the Amazon Rainforest, which actually lead to a three year long research project on deforestation in Madagascar. On top of that, I would say I know a little about a lot of environmental topics and so I am excited to learn a lot more about America/China/Global Warming, and hopefully become an expert on this particular topic! I think the relationship between America and China will play a pivotal role in deciding the outcome of our environmental future and so for a solution to be made to combat global warming they must work together. They are two very powerful nations,who have the power to lead the rest of the world to deal with our environmental problems, but they also have the potential to cause even more damage. I think through collaboration they could halt further damage. If they do not work together though I do not think as much will get done because neither country will want to sacrifice their standard of living/change their living style if they do not think the other is doing the same, for example, America will not want to invest millions of dollars in green technology and shift their dependence from coal if they do not feel China is trying to lower their coal dependence also.  I am very excited that I get to be a part of MOCK COP 16 and help to create the white paper, to add to the solutions to global warming and work on the relationship between America and China. I cannot believe the conference begins this Thursday! I cannot wait to meet the Chinese Delegates and begin the conference. I feel honored to be a part of this and hopefully make a difference.



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