Washington University Students for International Collaboration on the Environment

Great Job Everyone

First off, great job everyone for posting and commenting on all the posts – by having such interactive discussions and debates on news articles, images, videos, etc., we’re building a stronger and stronger international network of environmental issue exchange.


Anyway, to make WUSICE even more prominent on the web, here’s a tip:  if you make a post, please use the ‘tag’ box on the right side of the screen to post tags of key topics in your post – i.e., NGOs, coal, fossil fuels, global warming, China, etc. Just type in the key words in the ‘add new tag’ box, then click ‘add’. It makes our blog more accessible to other WordPress blogs. Thanks!

Now that we’ve got our WashU and Fudan delegates, posting and commenting on posts should definately help the delegates from different schools get to know each other and hear the other institution’s students’ points of view!

In other news, with the Conference fast-approaching, your WUSICE execs are working hard and cramming in as many meet-ups as they can before the big day: November 4th!

Keep the blogging going! Thanks so much for your continued participation – we’ve come a long way since last year!
Anne, PR


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