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Dear all!

It is Summer Zhao, the co-founder and president of WUSICE.  It is exciting to see that all things are coming together and the conference is going to happen in 10 ten days! We need a countdown.=) Are you ready?  WUSICE members and the Wash-U delegates can’t wait to see you and we extend our warmest welcome. Karen and Anne put tremendous effort in perfecting this website and setting up the blogging; let’s give them huge THANKS and keep on this great work, interacting with and educating one another while having fun!

Here I want to share with you a very interesting innovation that arrested my attention—a green clean technology called “Bloom Box.” How do you power your house?? By electricity generated by power plants and large transmission line grids you might say. But in the future, you might only need to put a small black chunky box in your backyard, which can power your entire house wirelessly! This is the box for the future: Bloom box.

It is innovated by K.R. Sridhar, the Indian-American scientist, and the founder and CEO of Bloom Energy Company. It is simply a box, but it has an incredible efficient power plant within. It is more efficient than the grid and way more efficient than the solar panel.

The procedure of how he invented and produced this bloom box is very interesting and mysterious. He baked some kind of beach sand, cut it into squares and coaxed it with green and black ink that was made by some secret formula. The disks were stacked together and the more disks added, the more power it could produce. 64 stacks would be able to power a Starbucks!  I encourage you watch the video on 60 minutes news; it has a way more detailed explanation: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=6816773n&tag=mncol;lst;3

You might wonder, well now that the Bloom Box is such such good, why nobody knows about it? It is because it is a new product, and Sridhar wants to secretly test it before putting it into the market. His customers, the subjects for his experiment, include Google, EBay, Wal-Mart, FedEx, CIA and etc!

It has flaws such as high cost and instability, but Sridhar is trying to reduce the cost; plus it doesn’t require any burning or combustion, so it is very clean and green. Overall it is very promising. Well who knows if it will be the thing for your house in the future! 😉




One response

  1. Adam Hasz

    I believe you first learned about this at the Show Me Sustainability conference. Just wanted to plug that. : )


    October 28, 2010 at 12:22 am

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