Washington University Students for International Collaboration on the Environment

Hey Everyone!

I too wanted to introduce myself, but also respond to Michael’s post.

I’m a junior at WashU majoring in Economics and Political Science with a minor in Environmental Science. I’ve been active on campus promoting individual sustainability initiatives, and I spent this past summer researching/writing on energy security at the Brookings Institution in DC. I spent the summer before that in China (or rather a month of that summer), specifically in Shanghai, Beijing, and SW China. I’m really excited to meet everyone!

It struck me when I was first reading the series of articles Michael posted on, that the same issue has plagued the US civil nuclear industry as it tries to compete with state-run or state-financed firms (principally Russian, South Korean, and French) selling nuclear power plant services and components. The situation is complicated by variations by nation in fuel cycle policies and regulation. Given that the US is currently the largest nuclear power producer currently but that utilities have struggled to get the go-ahead to build more plants, and China is investing heavily in nuclear power (foresight+government policy/incentives) I wonder how both this issue and the trade issues Michael posted about will effect both the US and China’s thinking at COP16…I would hazard a guess and say it isn’t for the better!


On a completely different note, I wanted to post an article on coal mine explosion that occurred in China very recently. I’m wondering how much regulation has been put in place recently (The article refers to one) and how well they are being enforced?


I was going to close with “Cheers!” but it just didn’t seem appropriate.

-Ellie Cooper, WashU



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