Washington University Students for International Collaboration on the Environment

Less Distrust and More Mutual Understanding on Environmental Protection

Posted by Fudan WUSICE Delegate: Ling Yun Zhi(Richard)

         Developing and developed countries, at their different growing stages, have numerous recognition difference, misunderstanding and distrust on the issues of climate change and environmental protection.

In developing countries, some analysts argue that it is a “conspiracy”: Great powers intend to contain the development of small states in the name of “environmental protection”, asking the latter to assuming more responsibilities. There are also such voices that regard “climate change” as a method through which scientists will get more research expenditure, through which interest groups will pursue their own goals.

However, from my own perspective: Developed countries, at their post-industrialization period, have their own wishes to environmental protection and have more full-fledged institutions, which mainly focus on their countries’ own benefits, instead of ruining small countries’ economic development. If small countries always interpret great power’s action as a “conspiracy”, it will do no good to both sides.

On the other hand, developed countries are supposed to be kindly aware of developing countries’ difficulty. Industrialization is an inevitable period, which developed countries have already finished while developing countries have not. Therefore, technology transfer and financial support is crucial to those countries who are in their initial or halfway industrialization period.

If developed countries and developing ones have less distrust and more mutual understanding, there will be more arenas for further cooperation and fruitful progress.



One response

  1. XU Tianxing (Lawrence)

    I do agree the idea above. The world would surely be a better place to live with less distrust on environmental protection. However, I’m afraid that a world without distrust is too perfect to be true, at least in coming decades. And it is also difficult to have more understanding among countries. Because if any country breaks the rules or thinks more about its own benefits, the balance will not retain. Other countries will do the same things as that one and they will turn back to distrust. I’m learning and thinking how to reach a more stable balance.

    October 12, 2010 at 11:57 am

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