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USA Pavilion at Shanghai Expo Fulfills Pledge to be Carbon Neutral

The theme of 2010 Shanghai Expo is “Better City, Better Life”. Of course, environmental protection is an indispensable topic in terms of  city and life. So there are many interesting ideas and innovations  exhibited in Expo which are related to environmental  issues. I’m working in the Press Center at Expo now, and I received a news release from the USA Pavilion which I would like to share with you.

USA Pavilion at Shanghai Expo Fulfills Pledge to be Carbon Neutral

 [SHANGHAI, 26 Sept 2010] – The USA Pavilion and Alcoa Foundation jointly announced today that the Pavilion has reached carbon equilibrium covering the entire six-month duration of the Shanghai Expo, including the production of key building materials used in the Pavilion. A total of 8,250 tons of carbon offset credits were purchased from three selected Gold Standard-certified projects in China to offset the Pavilion’s carbon footprint.

As the first national pavilion committed to be carbon neutral during the entire six months, the USA Pavilion fulfills a pledge to be a green pavilion, a commitment U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton made on May 22 during her visit to the Expo.

The footprint calculation results cover both the GHG emissions for the six-month duration of the Expo and the production of key building materials, including aluminum, steel, cement, glass, used in the Pavilion. The footprint will be offset through purchasing 8,250  carbon credits from three sustainable development projects in China that all registered according to the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) and to the Gold Standard.

On 26 Sept 2010,   the USA Pavilion signed carbon credit purchase contracts at a press briefing with the three Chinese projects, namely Jiangsu landfill gas to energy conversion project, Gansu micro-scale “run of river” hydroelectric power generation project and Gansu wind farm project.

“I am proud the USA Pavilion will be supporting the Expo’s theme, ‘Better City, Better Life’, through the purchase of credits from carbon offset projects in China which fulfills our commitment to be carbon neutral for the six-month duration of Expo 2010 Shanghai, said Ambassador José H. Villarreal, U.S. Commissioner General, Expo 2010 Shanghai .

 “The USA Pavilion is pleased to put into action our message of sustainability and healthy community-building by supporting three Gold Standard-certified projects across China to offset our carbon footprint. I would like to thank Alcoa Foundation for its generous contribution in helping the USA Pavilion be the best possible Expo citizen and become the first national pavilion to commit to carbon neutrality at Expo 2010 Shanghai.”

Apart from the carbon footprint calculation and neutralization approaches, the USA Pavilion has also adopted comprehensive measures to minimize energy consumption and GHG emissions. Many of America’s leading companies helped build the Pavilion and their cutting-edge technologies that hold the promise of unlocking a more sustainable and prosperous future are woven into the building itself. From the photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity and help power the Pavilion, to the solar water heater, the rooftop garden and the recycled bamboo flooring, the USA Pavilion is a model of both innovation and environmental responsibility.

At over 60,000 square feet (6,000 square meters), the USA Pavilion is one of the largest national pavilions at the Expo. With the theme of “Rising to the Challenge,” the United States presence showcases American culture, values, innovation, and business, in one of China’s most dynamic cities, while celebrating the friendship and cooperation between the United States, China, and the rest of the world.

 Posted by Alice (Delegate from Fudan University)


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