Washington University Students for International Collaboration on the Environment

Greenland’s Dying Glaciers

Wenqi found a great video on Hulu – a video clip from Vanguard’s “I Heart Global Warming”.

Here’s the link to the “I Heart Global Warming” site:


And here’s the link to the Hulu video:


From global warming conversations I’ve heard, both in casual and academic settings, I never saw any “positive” side to the phenomenon — I mean, I remember my sister once telling me how polar bears are now struggling for survival because many ice floats they once so happily relaxed upon have now disappeared, leading many bears to actually drown in the ocean after swimming for long distances and not being able to find a block of ice to sit on… I think it’s amazing, then, that people, like the Greenlanders, have found optimistic ways to approach global warming.

What do you guys think?

Anne, PR


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