Washington University Students for International Collaboration on the Environment

Coal Ash

Karen, WUSICE China Liaison

I watched a segment on Coal Ash on 60 minutes last night, and it really blew my mind. Not just that it’s a huge problem that is most certainly under-recognized, but how interdisciplinary environmental problems really are:

1) Politics: Should the federal government regulate coal ash? Or should it remain a state right?

2) Business: How can we get utility companies to admit their unsafe coal ash dumping and maintain integrity without a cost in profits?

3) Public Health: How to compensate and educate all those living near coal ash dump sites, or in places where coal ash has been recycled?

In issues stretching to so many sectors, there needs to be greater transparency on all ends–mistrust and miscommunication, as evidenced by historical studies of international conflicts, never ends well…

Check the link: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2009/10/01/60minutes/main5356202.shtml


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