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Help WUSICE on the Web

Hey, so–

since we’re just starting off,

but still want to make this site exciting, vivid, up-to-date, and accessible–

We’d love your help!

If you have any videos, images, photographs, news articles, etc.

that have to do with the environment / nature..

shoot us an e-mail!

Also, keep commenting on our blog, discussing our Conference ideas, and recommending WUSICE to your friends!

Much appreciated!



Environmental News – China


China’s thinking of using wind energy more and more to fuel its massive population – do you agree with Jason Wu?

“The use of existing technology, to make a country’s energy supply came from wind power is not possible, because in order to adapt to the stability of the wind does not need smart grid technology has great progress. No Grid energy storage technology or real progress, simply can not do this.”


Just some ponderings!


Conference Update

On the Conference Format, here’s a little about how our collaborative project is going to work:

– On the first day, every student will be randomly given a “passport”, and they will be matched up with another person with the same issue (who is assigned the opposite country – one for America, one for China).

– This pair collaborates on a presentation on the issue based on personal experiences and research. The presentation will be given during the first part of the Mock COP-16 trial.

– For the Conference, each pair is split off by country, bringing their research/knowledge of their issue to others. As we share what we’ve learned and ideas intermingle, then comes the debate, during the second part of the day!

There will be time provided between lectures and discussions and social events for students to do research.

Any comments? Suggestions? Leave us a comment.


Summer Update

U.S.-China Student Environmental Conference is a GO!

The Chancellor, his assistant Rob Wild, and Professor Wertsch have agreed to sponsor our Conference!

Now that we have funding, we can steamroll on to other things…

1. we’ve agreed to set the Conference in November

2. working on potential fund-raising.. i.e. selling eco-friendly bags on campus? any other ideas?

3. we’re also thinking about places to take our visiting Fudan friends – along with the Labadie Environmental Organization (check out http://www.leomo.info/!), we’re thinking the Loop? the Arch? the City Museum? let’s hear some feedback from those who know great places to eat and have fun in STL..

Keep up the good work, everyone! Let’s hear back from some International Students and put this site to good use!